Broken Crown

In the beginning

In the beginning it was just Zanne, Agyr, Gavin and Karloff against the destructive forces in Eberron. Upon entering Sharn, they were immediately taken to see Captain Kalaes of the King’s Citadel. He asked if they would be willing to go investigate the recent deaths of a great and powerful party that went into the depths below the city. It appeared as if the party had been surrounded by many creatures and killed in an ancient tomb of the goblins. He warned the team about a green cloaked man named Aric and to not trust him. The group decides to investigate. Upon entering the tomb, the party’s’ noses are immediately assaulted by the scent of vinegar and death. The group enters into the part of the tomb that the last party died in and discover dried intestines hanging from broken earth around the walls, dried blood on the dirt ground, and many slaughtered bodies of various creatures both humanoid and beast. To a normal person it would appear that a major battle took place, but to Agyr’s trained eye he knew it was a sacrificial rite. The party died to open some sort of portal. However, before he is allowed to investigate, Gavin jumps into a blue circle on the floor and disappears. The remaining members decide to do the same. Upon entering the portal, it becomes pitch black dark. No one can see what is in front of them. If it was not for Zanne’s Sunblade, no one would have seen the drakes coming. As the party fights these creatures they realize that the drakes are blind and that they are in a cave of some sort and no longer in the goblin tomb, of that Gavin is certain. The adventuring party continues and discovers several gargoyle statues and Gavin realizes that they might help to trigger a mechanism to do something. So, they begin to move them and switch them to make, maybe a door to open? A lowering of the floor and a staircase appears at their feet, a doorway becomes evident to the party. This is where they meet two new people, Maven and Thom. The party rescues them from two sarcophagi. They were trapped there after trying to protect the mayor Lady Moonfire from a green cloaked man. (The party realizes this is the same man that they are looking for.) However, before finding Lady Moonfire or Aric, they become entranced by a sending of sorts. Professor Nephret decides to contact them, letting them no they are no longer in Eberron, they are in a new plane of existence. However, this new plane has artifacts that might save Eberron from certain disaster if the Daelkyr get the pieces first. So, the party begins to search for the artifacts of a crown, the Ashen Crown. The first thing they find is the Ashurta’s sword; which they had to fight the long deceased warlord Ashurta for. Next they got the circlet from a man in a bubble, after it was stolen from Maven and Thom’s mother’s grave. Finally, they found the cord. They have two last pieces to go to help save the Eberron world. However, during these battles and long trips, the group began to break apart, leaving Zanne to finish the task. Or so he believes.


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